March 1, 2021

It's not a cunning plan...

Because the conditions are right for hair-on-fire conspiracy rumors lately, it is not surprising that our little friend COVID-19 has been waiting in the wings for a grand entrance. The connection with a secretive virus research lab in the depths of China didn't help. However, the claim that this was all a Cunning Plan by the liberal loony left to fluoridate milk/remove mattress tags/consolidate World Power(tm) raised an eyebrow, because it hasn't advanced the progressive Five-Year Plan, quite the reverse.

Oh, it is possible they wanted to exploit it for nefarious purposes, but like most real-world exercises the left attempts it turns into a circus with live ammo, all pointed at their favorite things. For example:

  • Schools are to indoctrinate students to the Way of the Left, not all the messy opinions of parents who might have cultural or religious or political opinions that differ.
  • Families are passe', government should be the only source of care and guidance and wisdom
  • Cities are so much more efficient for work and the environment and everyone should live in a shoebox and commute by bicycle, to save the PLANET! Also, how else are snooty baristas going to strike up awkward conversations about race and other combustible topics if people don't go to coffee shops in cities?
  • Evil Conservatives are the ones who judge by class and have different rules depending on unimportant attributes like skin color and ability to obey the law and stuff.

So.... what has the Coronavirus lockdown actually taught the populace? (Besides China Is Asshole, a useful guide to ANY information originating from that country's government.)

  • Oh look, the Teacher's Union wants full pay for online instruction or, in some cases, no instruction at all. Parents have learned they can homeschool better than these so-called professionals, and they haven't keeled over from viral exposure to their tots so why would the teachers? Also, many astounded parents learned for the first time exactly what little Khalisi and Ashante were being taught, and were not pleased. End result: a lot more kids are being removed from Socialist Indoctrination 101. Civilization 1, Progs 0.
  • Due to the Government lockdown of varying degrees, families were forced to spend lots of time together learning coping skills for Dad jokes, Mom's cooking, and cabin fever. Many couples on the rocks recalled they actually liked each other enough to marry, and maybe they should stick together. Also it is perfectly possible to have fun with little pieces of cardboard vs. a computer screen, and family is who you trust when everyone else is out to get you. Civilization 2, Progs 0.
  • Cities are howling wildernesses (see: Government Lockdown, also "give them space to riot"). The trendy and opinionated baristas have nobody to condescend and lecture to. Many companies have discovered, to their shock, that their employees are adults and can manage their workload without sitting in a cubicle (horror!), and further, NOBODY enjoys commuting. (Except for some people of the BDSM persuasion, and they can carry on fine without the rest of us.) People also discovered that houses with space enough for everyone to have a work area are a really good idea (also to get away from Dad jokes and sibling warfare) and a yard is also a good thing when you can't stand staring at the walls another minute and the parks are closed For Your Safety (?). Oh well, so much for tiny shoebox apartments in the trendy part of town that isn't trendy when nobody is allowed out to be trendy. People want space.
  • There certainly are people who have double standards and enforce them with the weight of the law. They are not conservatives. Being "upper class" now means dining in a restaurant without masks while ordinary peasants aren't allowed to sit down at all. And strangely, those exempt personages all belong to the liberal/prog end of the political spectrum. Everyone stuck in a tiny apartment with toddlers and a frazzled spouse certainly notices who gets to flout the rules and who doesn't.