March 16, 2021

Masters of the Universe--not

There's a certain variant of "the end is nigh!" hyperventilating article/blog post, the gist of which is the prog left has been playing nine-dimensional chess for years, genetically-engineered the Wuhan virus, confused Donald Trump with mirrors and flashing lights, after replacing the entire Supreme Court with animatronic dummies. (Jury's out on the last one...)

Not to say the legacy GOP has been covering itself with intellectual or moral glory these days (years...) BUT. Consider.

  • During the most recent impeachment circus, Chuck Shumer, who is in the plotting and planning up to his smarmy eyebrows and has been for years, got completely blindsided by HIS OWN TEAM when the impeachment managers lit a match to find the gas leak called a witness, thus opening up the can of worms labled "the other side gets to call witnesses too". His stupid team did that. Even newly hatched lawyers know "discovery is a bitch" and why you don't start fights you can't control. They ended up doing some kabuki that fooled no one and changed nothing, but at least the Republican side weren't allowed to, heaven forfend, ask awkward questions like "where was the closest protestor when Alexandria O'Cortex was having her persecution fantasy?"
  • Further awkward impeachment questions: How do you not know you don't have 2/3 of the Senate behind your impeachment effort? Or that a cut-and-paste video, of which the full original was widely available for contrast, would count as proof of anything except  a room-temperature IQ? Also, the general public equates "trial" with "witnessess" and gets perplexed when the prosecution doesn't seem to want witnesses.
  • Important People In Authority (Democratic, of course) getting caught on camera doing all the things the hoi polloi are not supposed to do, for fear of spreading the Plague. Like having a pleasant dinner with friends in a restaurant without silly surgical masks interfering, or getting a haircut, or dropping off a kid to a non-Zoom school. There are LOTS of these photos, all of them reinforcing the fact that laws are not being enforced uniformly. And there are a lot more people on the outside looking in, getting pissed off, and thinking if they are going to get arrested anyway why not get arrested for something they will enjoy?
  • Governer Newsome of California is facing a recall, and the reports are the majority of the signatures on the recall petition are coming from Democrats. Ooops.
  • Governer Cuomo is building a bunker and calling for Steiner after HIS OWN AIDE (see above) admitted they hid the COVID nursing home deaths because the numbers "would be used against us". Then all the assaulted female employees started popping up like mushrooms after a good rain...
  • The first Vegetable-American in the Oval Office can't be let out without a minder, and even then for a very brief period of time, and is incapable of answering non-scripted questions. Or remembering the name of the guy he just hired to be Defense Secretary. And everyone is noticing.

These are not the actions of super-geniuses. They aren't even acting like winners. They aren't happy, doing victory parades, taking up the talk shows. They are literally hiding behind concertina wire and fences, guarded by troops. Like weak losers would.