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Smile, it confuses the enemy! #10

It was a mystery wrapped in a conundrum with puzzle sauce! Who stole the foam kitty? (Note for interrogators– cats never look guilty even when they are. They have no shame.) Then we

Oddities of English

Everyone knows English has a vocabulary theft problem. As the joke goes, "English follows other languages into dark alleys, hits them over the head, and goes through their pockets for loose syntax." A

Smile, it confuses the enemy! #9

One of the lesser-known natural enemies of the horse is the feral exercise ball. Fortunately the two populations now rarely encounter one another, but when they do... Fortunately a pilot program to train

Vacuum: a whole lot of nothing

Space, being the final frontier and all, has its fair share of inherent dangers should you choose to visit. One of them being there is not a lot of air to breathe so