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Oddities of English

Everyone knows English has a vocabulary theft problem. As the joke goes, "English follows other languages into dark alleys, hits them over the head, and goes through their pockets for loose syntax." A

Smile, it confuses the enemy! #9

One of the lesser-known natural enemies of the horse is the feral exercise ball. Fortunately the two populations now rarely encounter one another, but when they do... Fortunately a pilot program to train

Vacuum: a whole lot of nothing

Space, being the final frontier and all, has its fair share of inherent dangers should you choose to visit. One of them being there is not a lot of air to breathe so

Smile, it confuses the enemy! #8

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear... 1) never ignore a puddle 2) never forget your obligations 3) indulge your friends Want more funny stuff? Try the Comics page!

The Internet is anti-Stoic

The internet generally, and social media specifically, actively works against the main principles of Stoicism. It rewards immediate response vs. reasoned, careful thought, and emotionally-laden "clickbait" articles used to lure the viewer into