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Smile, it confuses the enemy! #8

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear... 1) never ignore a puddle 2) never forget your obligations 3) indulge your friends Want more funny stuff? Try the Comics page!

The Internet is anti-Stoic

The internet generally, and social media specifically, actively works against the main principles of Stoicism. It rewards immediate response vs. reasoned, careful thought, and emotionally-laden "clickbait" articles used to lure the viewer into

Smile, it confuses the enemy! #7

The world's silliest elephant, with a blue ribbon thingy... Possibly the world's first equine comedian, complete with rubber chicken! Want more funny stuff? Try the Comics page!

The Procrustean Bed

According to the Greek legend, Procrustes was a bad egg with a habit of making his guests fit their accomodations by either stretching them (if too short) or cutting off their legs (if

Denying the Adversary

It's one thing when actively malicious hackers get into a government database and steal all the information about you including your sock size. Not much you can do about that, when government refuses

Math in Style

Following on the lines of this previous post, the authors of the book How to Read Numbers have a well-intentioned article designed to be a style guide regarding numbers for journalists. It's not