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Smile, it confuses the enemy! #6

I will tell you a tale, O Best Beloved, of the Internet, and bored coders, and the Bayeux Tapestry... Which gets you delights like this: Create your own at the Bayeux Tapestry Generator!

Pick your role with care

It is not surprising political punditry of the more realistic variety has started predicting various degrees of grassroots resistance to a clearly dodgy "election". One article of interest is here--written by someone with

Smile, it confuses the enemy! #5

The famous popcorn kittens. I defy you not to smile! Then there is the fearful force of nature, the puppy swarm! Note how they utilize teamwork to get their prey off his feet.

Smile, it confuses the enemy! #4

An epic mashup of horror movie soundtrack, a ferocious kitten....and two scary things! But what could be more terrifying than existential doubt? (with a French accent...) Want more funny stuff? Try the

Masters of the Universe--not

There's a certain variant of "the end is nigh!" hyperventilating article/blog post, the gist of which is the prog left has been playing nine-dimensional chess for years, genetically-engineered the Wuhan virus, confused