March 30, 2021

Pick your role with care

It is not surprising political punditry of the more realistic variety has started predicting various degrees of grassroots resistance to a clearly dodgy "election". One article of interest is here--written by someone with a military background and experience dealing with insurgency, from the other side.

Modern military has a huge logistic/support base for a small but highly effective element that makes contact with the enemy. In the old days everyone was infantry. Now not so much. And this applies to resistance as well.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. If you don't have money, you won't be doing the supply runs. If you are physically disabled, you won't be doing parkour. But maybe you can still carry the supplies, even if you don't buy them. You might do signal overwatch even if you aren't in the front lines.

Know your vulnerabilities. If you have children to protect, you can't easily take a visible, hazardous role.

This will be going on for a while. Years. Can you sustain the role you see yourself in that long? Can you handle your role never, ever being revealed, even after we win?

Some non-traditional Resistance roles:

  • Chronicler: Write down what actually happened and when. Don't use links, those could disappear. Save the full text of an article on a removable hard drive and back it up. Document people's words and actions. Save copies of video clips. And keep the backups in different geographical locations. Don't let information be disappeared.
  • Mail delivery: Get messages/packages/data from point A to point B
  • Tech support: Especially the kind of tech support that can prevent information leakage or detection