June 7, 2021

Promoting West Taiwan Liberation

Because annoying a certain pudgy dictator is a good thing. And I hope someday the breakaway province of West Taiwan is freed and the people, who have suffered enough over the centuries, are finally able to enjoy the blessings of liberty. And not starving.

Here are some things Xi doesn't like people remembering. Pass them on, add to them, keep them in the public eye. And be sure to download linked material so it doesn't "disappear" like Tank Man.

Tianaman Square, June 1989

Xi has a strong resemblance to Winnie the Pooh

And he really, really hates it when this is pointed out.


COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China

  • It was very probably engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and escaped not due to some Cunning Master Plan, but because the workers didn't use the correct protocols for an uplifted virus and/or ignored the protocols because they were inconvenient. If they are that stupid, they shouldn't be playing with uplifted viruses in the first place. And now they are trying to bioengineer "precursors" to make it look like it originated in animals, which is cute but about a year too late to fool anybody.
  • Dr. Li Wenliang identified COVID-19 early as a threat but was forced to recant his warning by the Chinese government, possibly to save his wife and unborn daughter from retaliation. He later contracted the disease and died.
  • A Chinese defector claims there is an extensive bioweapons research program in China.

Uighur Genocide

The United States and several other countries have officially termed the actions of the Chinese government against the Uighur population, an ethinic and religious minority, as genocide. Besides hard labor internment camps, forced sterilization, abortion, and rape have been reported. Soldiers have also been forcibly placed in Uighur homes, specifically in the beds of women whose husbands are in internment camps.