Awkward facts the media is trying very hard to erase...

  • Ashli Babbitt : protestor shot and killed at the Capitol protest January 6, 2021. Video of her shooting exists. She was unarmed. The Capitol Police officer who shot her has not been charged.
  • Anthony Quinn Barber: Nashville camper bomber, December 25, 2020. Strangely, despite the bombing and his identity, no claim was made that he represented white supremacism, Trump support, QAnon, or any of the other usual suspects. Nothing. So he probably was a Bernie or Obama supporter, and violently so.
  • James Hodgkinson: Bernie Sanders supporter who fired 40 shots at a Congressional baseball game on June 14, 2017, badly wounding U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and nearly killing him. Three others were also shot. Hodgkinson deliberately scouted the venue and intentionally targeted Republicans. His name is never mentioned in routine accusations of gun violence, supposedly always connected to conservatives.