April 12, 2021

The Procrustean Bed

According to the Greek legend, Procrustes was a bad egg with a habit of making his guests fit their accomodations by either stretching them (if too short) or cutting off their legs (if too tall), all to fit his one bed. It has become a metaphor for "a plan or scheme to produce uniformity or conformity by arbitrary or violent methods" per Dictionary.com

For all they like to talk about diversity, the progressive left really wants to make everyone fit in the same narrow mold – and they will stretch or lop off or harangue until that is true. (And since it never will be true, they get to keep yelling.)

It takes mental fortitude to like yourself for what you are and like other people for what they are. You are worthy. So are they, even if they are different or do things you would not do. Like singing in harmony, you have to find the balance of listening to your own voice but staying in tune by listening to the others singing with you. It's hard – I've done it, and it takes practice to load-balance your brain – but it is amazingly fun when you do.

It's also not rude to ask questions when you genuinely want to know something about someone. It could be interest, or it could be wanting to preserve courtesy by not offending out of ignorance. Context is the key.

For example, how do you pronounce the word "read"? You can't give a definitive, accurate answer without the context. Sme thing with unusual names or customs or whatever. There isn't a standard set of Common Knowledge of the World (and even if there was, it would be out of date almost instantly.)

Not to mention when we finally get off this ball of dirt and meet the galactic neighbors, there will be a whole new set of assumptions to rein in. We'll have to add "oxygen-centric" to the list of cultural sins if this rush to apologize isn't nipped in the bud.