July 20, 2021

We'll always have Paris...

You would think the French would know the warning signs of impending societal implosion and avoid them, after having so many revolutions and empires and republics and whatnot. Then again, after the third time maybe they aren't there for the hunting, no? I try not to judge cultural preferences but maybe it is time to find a kink with a lower body count.

The Dissident Frogman, always a trenchant opinator on the world in general and France in particular, brings some knowledge about current powder-keg status re: the vaccine passports Macron promised, promised would never happen.

They are happening. And although the US media has stifled the news, there are protests, they are violent protests, and more are coming. Because if you are not of the Elect, no supermarkets for you. Or bars, or restaurants. And if you are a medical worker, vaccination is mandatory regardless.

This move by Macron violates EU law, by the way. But much like in the US currently, laws are for other people, the ones who don't think the right way or protest the right things. Good people have rights. Bad people don't. Bad people think having choice includes making the WRONG choice (as determined by good people.) And how do we know who is good or bad? Why, if they make the same choices as Good People of course!

The Dissident Frogman, like many others, thinks that the shooting part may not be the worst thing that could happen.