May 15, 2021

Why I don't worry about the Post Office spying on me

Recently word got out that those stalwart minions of grocery store sale circular deliveries, the United States Postal Service, has been, shall we say, diversifying their resume with a bit of spying on BadThink. Having been under the impression that the Post Office was responsible only for delivering letters and packages, the news that they had plenty of spare time and resources to look around social media for signs of witchcraft insurrection and people speaking disrespectfully of government was a surprise.

It's an excellent reminder that now is a good time to exit social media, not forgetting to toss salt over your shoulder as you do so to remove bad luck. If you have any unapproved thoughts or even questions, (Why is the media so sure there was no election fraud if no election fraud investigations have been allowed? How can we tell new and experimental vaccines are a good idea? Why is a cotton bandanna a complete defense against a teeny virus?) good luck being social on that. You'll get silenced or banned. And now, avoiding postal scrutiny is another good reason to leave.

However the surveillance, qua surveillance, does not worry me very much. These are the people who efficiently ...deliver important mail to the wrong address, shred envelopes, lose payments, and most recently, assured me repeatedly a package was on the way, really– except it had been in the same facility, per their website, for a MONTH. After a certain point, admitting you lost the damn thing saves embarassment for everybody.

So if they can't track a single package (that they lost IN THEIR OWN BUILDING) I doubt they will be tracking me effectively any time soon.

(And I'm not the only one who thought Super Spy Post Office was inherently hilarious, either...)